That Sugar Film

I have just watched “That Sugar Film”and wow what an interesting experiment that was. Damon Gameau had cut out refined sugar from his life, but decided to do an experiment and bring back sugar to see how it effected him.

Damon starts out with normal health markers and it’s amazing how it changed for him.

In Australia the average family of four eats 6kgs of sugar in one week. Rather scary isn’t it, you wouldn’t go out and buy 6kgs of sugar and eat it in that form. They eat the equivalent of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day.

Sugar is embedded in processed foods, in particular foods that are supposedly healthy. If you removed all of the products from a supermarket shelf that had sugar in it you would be left with 20% of the items – WOW. Cereals, low fat products and baked beans all have a lot of sugar in them. 2 1/2 cups of Just Right cereal has about 7.5 teaspoons of sugar in it, so if you had that with low fat yogurt and a glass of apple juice that is very nearly 20 teaspoons of sugar in one meal.

Damon starts out with normal health markers. He eats foods that are supposed to be healthy for you, he doesn’t eat junk food, fizzy drinks or sweets. After 12 days he has put on 3.2kgs, and his liver has turned to fat after 18 days. In the mornings he felt lethargic and drained of energy. It effected his moods and he felt vague – sounds very familiar.

He found it hard to feel full and what was interesting was that his calorie count was the same as pre-experiment, but he felt like he was eating more. Sugar has 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram, so you can see why people say sugar is OK and fat is not. So even through Damon is still eating the same amount of calories as before his liver has turned to fat, his belly is getting bigger and he’s not feeling full so the calories from sugar behave very different to the calories from fat. It’s not the calories, its the source of where they come from that is important.

After 60 days Damon’s triglycerides (fat in blood) went from a healthy .08 to 1.5, which is fatty liver disease. He put on 8.5kgs and 7% total body fat and increased his waist by 10cm – and he was eating food that is supposed to be healthy for us! Very scary isn’t it?

When he went back to his pre-experiment eating he did have withdrawn symptoms and felt awful, it took him about 2 months for him to feel like he was back to normal and he lost 6kgs.

So sugar vs fat – which is the best? I will leave that up to you to experiment with and see how it effects you.

So much of what he described going through is how I feel, and you feel like you are on the hamster wheel. I got myself back onto that wheel so now it’s time to jump off and back into the whole foods. And based on how he said it took him 2 months to come right, then that is what I need to do and not just do 30 days. Give it enough time to make it a habit!


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