Big changes in my life

2019 is the year of change. It started back in about March when I decided that I wanted to sell my house, buy a caravan and travel New Zealand.

So that is what I did! I painted all of the walls in my house and started de-cluttering. The house went on the market and sold at auction three weeks later. So then began the process of selling all of my furniture and getting rid of so much stuff that I no longer would have room for.

I did a lot of research on what to buy and decided that a motor home was not going to work for me as I want the option to be able to stay somewhere for a month and not move the home, so with a motor home I would have to drive that anytime I wanted to go somewhere.

So then it came down to a caravan vs a fifth wheel and I ended up getting a fifth wheel. Not sure I have made the right decision, but it is what I currently have so I best get used to it pretty quickly. The reason why I say that is because it is big, it’s nice and I love it, but it is big!

Anyway I have been living in it since mid July and I’m currently parked in one place for about 3 months. The reason for this was that I finished up at my job and then I had several overseas trips booked and it is easier to fly out of Auckland.

I have been to Noosa in Australia for a retreat run by Reignite and that was amazing. Learnt about whole food plant based eating. Did yoga, gi gong, sound healing and rebirthing and had some amazing talks from people.

Went for a walk on this stunning beach in Noosa North Shore

Then I had a weekend in Sydney for a friends 50th birthday, the weather wasn’t very nice, but it was great catching up with friends and meeting new people. We did go to Bondi Beach for a look and the weather was just awful.

Windy and wet Bondi Beach

Then it was a week in Melbourne for shopping and sightseeing and had a fabulous time, although once again the weather wasn’t the best. We did have one day at the beginning which was lovely and then our last day there was stunning. In between it was wet, cold and miserable. Still managed to do shopping and sightseeing. Had 2 days on the hop on hop off bus. Day 1 was having a look around St Kilda and day 2 was the city. However we did spent most of the day at the Queen Victoria Market – now that is a must see if you go to Melbourne. Absolutely loved it.

Stunning night time view from our apartment

We did a wine and chocolate tour, which also included tasting cider and beer. That was an all day tour and it was great. Loved it

This is a very small sample of what was available

We did another day tour of the Great Ocean Road, a very long day but some great scenery and a fabulous tour guide who really made it enjoyable with great stories and appropriate music.

The start of the Great Ocean Road

So I have a few weeks back in Auckland to catch up with friends and get things done before my next trip which is to Chicago in October and when I get back it will be time to get on the road.


  1. Love the start of your trip around NZ. Thanks so much for visiting the “Sunny Central Coast”. Can’t wait to see the rest of your journey and maybe join you for some of it.

  2. Wow, HATS OFF TO YOU!! I’m so happy for you!! I can’t believe you did all that so fast and efficiently. That process alone is incredibly transforming. Again hats off to you this is a huge adventure your taking on how very exciting!! It’s crazu when things line up so perfectly can’t help but rejoice in that!!
    I’m really sad I’ll miss you this yr in Chicago but, this blog is wonderful to have up and running. It’s a wonderful way I can keep up with you and all your up to. ( Ps I’m hoping to get to one of Sonia’s salons she hosts in Paris in the next yr or so and maybe we can meet up again at one of those?🎉❤️)
    I’m excited to be following you on this journey what a treat your sharing with all of us THANK YOU. Your doing what most people dream about! How very brave and inspiring you are to us all. I’m so very happy for you! Safe travels and thank you for sharing with all of us. Can’t wait to see New Zealand thru your eyes❤️
    Hugs, Diane Nelson

    1. I’m going to miss you in Chicago, but hope you enjoy the trip that you will be doing. I would love to get to Paris so yes might see you there 🙂

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