Blue Star Healing

Over the last few weeks I have attended a workshop and a retreat to learn a new healing modality. Both of these weekends have been life changing for me. The experience was transformational in not only learning a new healing method, but in meeting so many wonderful people. I am now a BlueStar Master Healer, and this is something that I am keen to implement into my new life.

What is Blue Star Healing?

The BlueStar healing modality is designed to assist not only those who receive a healing, but also those who provide this healing to move more fully into who they truly are. The quantum energies within this healing modality are in alignment with the new energies that are now coming in for the new Earth.

I have learnt about the utilisation of the Universal Healing energies and the medical teams that work in conjunction with my guides while I am engaged in this healing technique. I have learnt how people carry etheric devices within their energetic bodies across multiple lifetimes which also contain emotional charges.

BlueStar Healing allows you to move into a deeper space of heart and balance and that enables you to become more of who you truly are, right here, right now.

Some of the areas that are focused upon are:

  • Etheric Surgery
  • Removal of past life imprints
  • Chakra alignment, balancing and activation
  • Merging of the chakras of the physical and etheric bodies
  • Merging of the four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical)
  • Replacement of damaged chakras
  • Removal of entities and creatures
  • Removal of dark implants and devices

I’m excited about this new phase of my life and if anyone is interested in a healing session please contact me to discuss.

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