Summer 2019 Update

I am definitely not good at writing updates. But well really it’s because I haven’t had much to update on. So what have I been update to? Well I did go to Chicago in October and did the level 3 course with Sonia Choquette – which was amazing as usual. I did feel like there were some very good shifts that happened within me.

I started my year off doing a Vitality Sprint for 21 days. It was all about mind, body and spirit. One thing that really made an impact on me was been told not to worry about a meal plan just use your intuition to decide what you should be eating and when. That was a light bulb moment for me. I’ve heard the expression listen to your body but for some reason I didn’t translate that to being the same as listening to your intuition. Sometimes you need to be told something in several different ways before it clicks in the mind.

It’s been summer here in NZ and it has been amazing with such warm and sunny weather. Spending time outside is so vital to our health. I’ve learnt that I must leave the shoes off and wander around barefoot so that I am grounding myself.

What is grounding?

Grounding is an exercise that connects you energetically to the earth. It allows you to be more authentically in your body, in the present moment, and receive nourishing energy. Grounding allows your body to use all your talents and gifts, know their value in the world and give birth to your visions and goals.

What else happened with the Vitality Sprint?

Another big thing I learnt was that I didn’t need to eat breakfast! This is about intermittent fasting. You eat from 12 noon till 6pm. I have found this so easy to do. I was struggling with what to eat for breakfast since giving up eating eggs, and learning that I didn’t need to eat or I could eat heaps of fruit was very liberating for me. It was like a weight had lifted off my shoulders.

So I’m eating heaps of fruit and salads. Have I gone vegan – nope. I’m still having a little bit of meat. I’m certainly not eating as much as I used to, so that is a major improvement for me.

Others things I learnt with the sprint was about what we put on our bodies and the products that we use in the home. I’ve already changed a lot of this. I’m using plant based cleaning products and I’m looking at what I put on my body. I’ve already changed my deodorant and using a natural product instead.

So all in all it’s been a great start to the year for me. I’ve enjoyed being able to get outside in the lovely warm sunny weather and get some gardening done as well. Oh and yes I have released some weight – I’m currently down about 6kgs 🙂

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