Spring Update

Wow I can’t believe it’s now spring here and I haven’t done an update since April. So what has been happening – not a lot. I’ve been like a bear and hibernated for the winter.

In my last update I said that I was going to transition to a vegan diet, well that hasn’t been very successful. I tried, but have decided that it’s not for me. A vegan diet involves beans and they just don’t go down well with me, but I’m glad that I have tried this. It’s a trial and error to see what my body likes and what will work for me. I don’t mind including some vegan meals in my diet, but my mind keeps going back to the Whole30 that I did last year and how good I felt while I was eating that way.

My journey is still continuing and I’ve been told that I’m at the stage where it’s like when you are digging up a tree and you are trying to get the roots out of the ground, I’m at the point where I have one root that is still in the ground. Because I have already done so much personal development work on myself I’m so close to having everything fall into place. I was told that instead of thinking that I need to use willpower and determination to stick to a diet I need to look and treat myself with unconditional self love instead.

That makes so much sense to me – I hate being told what to do and I have realised that willpower and determination is like being told what to do, so I rebel at it.

I get so frustrated with myself and why can’t I change and stop the unhealthy eating, so realising that my thinking needs to change has been a game changer. Am I there yet? No! Am I working on it? Yes!

I am starting to listen to my body and realise that there are foods that make me feel sluggish and not so good. My journey continues and I know that everything happens for a reason, and I know that my thinking has changed so much and continues to change and I will succeed in whatever I set my mind to.

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