April 2018 Update

Well there hasn’t been many posts this year. I can’t believe we are now in April – where has this year gone. It’s certainly been a very busy one.

So what’s been going on? Well I’ve made a decision to change to a vegan eating lifestyle. It’s going to be a slow journey. I’ve started eating more vegan meals at home and not buying meat, although sometimes it does make it’s way into my shopping cart. That’s why it’s a journey, I have to ease into this. So when I eat out, if I want to have meat then I will – for now! I have to say on the days that I do eat nothing but vegan – I have the most energy.

The other big thing is that I attended the second Intuitive Development workshop with Sonia Choquette. That was life changing for me. One of the things that came out of this was a revelation for me that I’m not taking responsibility for my life. Now I’ve known this for a while but for some reason it’s had no impact on me. So when I heard this in the workshop it suddenly hit me. I was not taking responsibility for the food that was going into my mouth. I’m the only one that decides what I’m going to eat, so if I want to make changes to what I eat – then it’s up to me. There is no magic pill or potion and no one else can do this for me.

So when I heard this it was like a big weight lifted from me. I could feel myself becoming lighter, I felt like I was walking taller. It was an amazing feeling. Since I’ve been home things have changed for me. My relationship with food has changed. When I’m at home I’m no longer constantly looking for food like I was before. I’m happy to wait until lunch or dinner and then get something. When I’m at the supermarket I’m not putting heaps of food in my trolley that are not good for me. And this is huge for me, I would be like oh well I’ll do better next time.

I have been doing a lot of traveling and haven’t spent much time at home since getting back from the workshop, but the change has started. I haven’t always eaten the healthiest but I am losing weight, and it now seems so easy. It’s like food has lost it’s grip on me.

I’m so looking forward to the coming months and to see how things evolve in my life. Today – I can honestly say my life is unfolding in an amazing way right now!

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