First week after Whole30

Well it’s been my first full week since the Whole30 finished for me and what an interesting week it has been.

This has been the time that I could re-introduce foods that I didn’t eat while doing the Whole30. Because I was enjoying the whole foods so much I haven’t followed the Whole30 plan for reintroducing foods.

The first day after I did have some wine and cheese and did I enjoy that – YES I did. However the next morning not so much. Turns out diary did have an effect on me that wasn’t so nice. Will I continue to have diary – maybe but it will be in small doses. And the wine – I think that will also be in small doses.

I had some more wine last night and it really does weaken your resolve, I found myself eating more than I needed. I need to rethink my idea of having wine and cheese once a week. I’m clearly still not in the comfortable zone of the strength that I thought I had when it comes to eating.

For me I need to not have anything in the house that doesn’t fit into the whole food group. If it’s not there – I’m ok. If it’s in the house – then I have a problem.

This is what I now need to work on. Changing my believe regarding food in the house – if it is there, I DO NOT need to eat it.

This morning I decided to see how bread would effect me.  I had an avocado and bacon toasted sandwich.

I won’t be having that again in a hurry. As soon as I finished I didn’t feel very good. I always knew that bread was not good for me, but I chose to ignore that – guess I can’t any more.

The key for me as I continue on is to plan plan plan! I will still plan my meals for the next week and shop to what is on the plan. I don’t always follow it, but once I have the food in the house then I will sometimes mix it up and change what I’m having depending on if there are leftovers.

Doing this journey I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t even my idea to start with. A very good friend that I work with introduced me to the Whole30. Michelle brought it up and said that she was going to do it and it just resonated with me. I did some investigation and decided to do it was well.

So we decided to do this together so that we could encourage each other, and it really does help because if you have something that is not on the plan then we had to tell each other. I didn’t want to be the one to do that, and Michelle didn’t either. It was just the encouragement that I needed.

Michelle has also written a blog our her journey, you can read it here.






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