Day 18 of Whole30

I have always struggled with eating healthy and I’ve never been able to understand why, and I still don’t. Every time I’ve tried I have sabotaged myself. So when it came to deciding to do the Whole30 I was worried about how I would handle it.

It was decided back in January to do this and that the 1st March would be the start date. That meant I had the whole of February to get used to the idea and also to get rid of any food in my house that didn’t fit into the plan. All though February I told myself that this is easy, I can do it.

So March comes along and I start eating only wholefoods, and WOW it has been so easy. I’m sticking with the plan and I feel great. I have found it so easy and I haven’t craved anything that is not on the allowed list.

This week was the big test when I had to be out of town for business, how was I going to cope with that. Well when I got to my destination I was able to go to the supermarket and buy food for my lunches. And the hotel where I was staying had food on their menu that I was able to eat. That was another big test for me – looking at the menu and not ordering something that I wasn’t allowed. And once again I found it easy to choose.

This for me was a major milestone, as in previous years I would have blown it because I wanted something on the menu that I wasn’t allowed. But for some reason I am not craving anything else and it was so easy to make the choice to get a healthier option.

Now next week is going to be an even bigger challenge as I have visitors coming to stay, but guess what – it’s going to be easy!

Oh and what helps – my clothes are now feeling loser on me.

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