I’ve finally got the web site done

I’ve had this web site for a long time, but I’ve been procrastinating for that same amount of time, which seems to be a theme in my life that I’m now working on.

I’ve just started the Whole30 program and since starting that I’ve found the motivation to do a few things in my life that have been outstanding. This website and blog being one of the things that I have finally got around to doing.

If you are interested in knowing what Whole30 is then check it out – http://whole30.com/

This is about eating whole foods, sounds scary to some, but so far (I’m on day 8) I’ve found it to be very easy. I’ve not felt hunger, as there is no restrictions on what you can eat within the whole food range.

One of the biggest things I’ve discovered about a lot of things in life is the positive mindset, so I started this journey saying that doing the Whole30 is easy. And so far yes it has been.

Now my next thing is to ensure that I’m updating this blog on a regular basis – I know – IT’S EASY!

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