Driving through the Molesworth Station

Last week my parents and I did a road trip to Canterbury, however instead of driving via State Highway 1 we took the Molesworth Station road.

What an amazing part of the country. It’s so big up there, and beautiful. I’m so pleased that we did drive that way. The majority of the road is gravel and you just cannot drive very fast, most of they way it was between 40-60kmph, so the trip from Blenheim took us 6 hours to get to Hanmer Springs, where we stayed the night.

This is some of the scenery before getting to the Station from the Blenheim side.

This is the original Cob Cottage built in the 1800’s

This is the new house

And here are some more photos of the scenery after passing the homestead

I took a lot of video’s and time-lapses, check out the stunning scenery

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