Are there angels among us?

Do you believe in Angels? Or unseen forces? Well I do, and this week I found myself picking up a book that has been sitting out for a while. It had made it’s way to my coffee table and I looked at it all of the time. Then this week I felt compelled to pick it up and read it.

I found it hard to put down. Even though I had read it before, it was like reading a new book. It has inspired me to see things in a different way, in particular how to ask for help from the unseen forces that are among us.

If you don’t believe in any of this – then I suggest you stop reading this now. Or feel free to continue and I hope to change your mind. Or at least to start thinking about it.

The book is Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue, and it’s about how to heal the body and mind with the help of the angels. The book starts with her visiting Santorini island in Greece. I went there many years ago and after reading this book I’ve decided that I would love to go back there.

This is the information on the back of the book:

When Doreen Virtue visited Santorini Island in Greece recently, she was contacted by a powerful group of angles calling themselves the “angles of Atlantis”. Doreen was then taken on an amazing spiritual adventure, where she uncovered the ancient secrets of the healing temples of the lost civilizations of Atlantis. Doreen found that her previous healing work with the angels, as well as the thousands of case studies of angelic healing that she’d amassed over the years, dovetailed perfectly with the messages from the angles of Atlantis.

Both a spiritual adventure story and a reference book, Angel Medicine is a three-part work that relates the exciting story of Doreen’s recovery of memories of Atlantean healing methods along with messages from Hermes – the Egyptian and Greek prophet and deity and the angels. The second and third parts of the book reveal the scientific studies, case studies, methods, and charts supporting the importance of love and light in healing.

Whether you want to heal yourself or someone else, you’re sure to gain additional faith and understanding from reading Angel Medicine.

When I finished this book I was then compelled to pick up another by Doreen Virtue – Healing with the Fairies.

When a group of powerful fairies contacted Doreen Virtue, her life transformed into an enchanting story filled with healing messages and true love. Healing with the Fairies is Doreen’s very personal story of how the fairies helped her deal with a divorce and prepare for a spiritually based relationship.

In this truly inspired book, you’ll see how the fairies introduced Doreen to her lifelong soulmate, and you’ll also learn, along with Doreen, about the fairies’ incredible powers of manifestation.

Doreen shares what the dolphins, mermaids, dragonflies, and other members of the elemental kingdom taught her about spiritual and romantic love, the environment, the future of our planet, and more ……. and you’ll see that the fairies can help you attract and manifest miracles, too. In fact, this book will show you how to work with these magical beings to empower and heal your entire life!

Weather or not you believe in any of this – who’s to say it doesn’t exist. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Like anything in life you can take what feels right to you and leave what doesn’t.

But wait there’s more – I not only finished the second book but started a third. Another book by Doreen Virtue – The Lightworks Way. It’s about awakening your spiritual power to know and heal.

You have an innate ability to know and heal!

In The Lightworker’s Way, Dr Doreen Virtue takes you on a spiritual adventure as she recounts her own life story of awakening her healing and clairvoyant power. She writes, “This is a book about my own journey of remembering my identity and abilities as a lightworker. Its purpose is to help you recall your own divine mission and your natural spiritual skills.”

You are a lightworker if you feel called to heal others; want to resolve the world’s social and environmental problems; believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation; feel compelled to write, teach or counsel others; and know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfill it.

Right now, lightworkers are awakening to faint memories of their divine life missions. They hear an inner calling that can’t be ignored. This call is a reminder that it is now time to get to work in healing the planet and its population. Very often, however, life on Earth, with its material temptations, creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers.

Dr Virtue helps you reawaken the natural gifts that you have within you, such as the ability to heal on a spiritual and energetic level and to give readings about the past, present, and future. Among other things, you’ll find out how to conduct healing sessions, heighten your psychic receptivity, call upon the angels that are always by your side, and learn how to open your “third eye”.

What I did was ask the angels for help to make me eat healthy meals all of the time – and it worked. Well for a couple of days. I think this will need to be a daily habit of asking for not only help in eating healthy but also releasing what is making me this way. I’m not really interested in the why, just in making the change in that I automatically eat healthy every day.

I do believe that it is our thoughts that bring things into our life and that includes our health and that we have the ability to heal ourselves. You hear stories of this all the time. It just a matter of believing in yourself and changing your thoughts – sounds easy I know, but I also realise that it’s not easy to change a lifetime of thoughts – I’m proof of that. But it can be done – it’s all part of the journey, my journey.







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