My time in Wanaka

I thought it was about time to show some photos of my trip to Wanaka, some of the day trips that I have done and some from around Wanaka.

First up is the beautiful lupins from Tekapo.

Then when I was in Tekapo I went to see the Church of the Good Shepherd and the Mackenzie dog. The story about why the dog is there is very interesting.

In 1855 James Mackenzie, a Scottish shepherd turned sheep stealer discovered the basin that now bears his name when he, with the help of his dog Friday, drove flocks of sheep inland to avoid being discovered.
Authorities were finally able to capture Mackenzie, but struggled to take control of the sheep due to his highly intelligent dog. It is alleged Friday continued to drive the sheep without his master’s control until finally being disabled by the authorities.
A bronze memorial to working collie dogs, such as Friday, was commissioned in 1968 by local farmers and now stands on the shores of Lake Tekapo near the Church of the Good Shepherd.

I stayed at the local campground in Tekapo and have a stunning view from where I was parked.

Then it was time to park up in Wanaka

My home for several weeks

I make a trip to Queenstown to have a look around

Another day trip was to the Blue Pools, which is located on the road to the West Coast.

While staying here there have been some beautiful sunsets, and the scenery is just beautiful


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